Our Solitary Walk


You can have family, you can have friends, acquaintances can be all around, smiling faces can be a regular sight, but when you walk with God, you do that in solitude. Nobody walks beside you; not your mother, father, sibling, spouse, best friend, spiritual leader; no one. It’s you alone, the path you thread and the One you walk with.

The best any human has to offer is walking before, behind, beside you, but not with you. Each person walks on his or her path. Contrarily, the worst God can do is walk before, behind and beside you; while He offers to carry you on His back when you walk through thorny fields.

Want to succeed in this walk? I’ll show you an open secret: Psalms 119:105:

“Thy word is a lamp to my feet, and a light unto my path.”

That’s the secret. His word. Rightly imbibing His word fills the eyes of your heart with light, brightens the path for your feet, and helps you walk right with God. Forsaking His word, does the opposite of these and increases your tendency to fall into ditches.

Enoch walked with God (Gen 5:22), Abraham walked with God (Gen 17:1), Moses did, Daniel did, David did, Jacob did, Joseph did, Paul did. And they all did this in solitude.

You could be in clusters with other believers and friends, but when God sees you in your walk with Him, He sees you in solitude. So then, please walk with Him aright.


You should know that the word will do you no good if you haven’t met the Word personified, about Whom the word is written. The Word is Jesus, whose offer of salvation is free. Please do not reject it.


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