The Story Of Man’s Fall

When God made Adam and Eve, He placed them in a circle, a love circle, and said:”guys, as long as you remain in this circle, you remain a reflection of me. Don’t cross its boundaries for the moment you do, you cease being like Me and as you know, birds of the same feather flock together.”

Adam jokingly but in all sincerity responds:”yes Sir,” looks at Eve and she silently nods in agreement with a smile on her face, enchanting Adam therewith.Days pass, Adam decides to move around and explore the circle for a bit. Eve also gets busy till a strange looking being appears. He waves at Eve from just outside the circle. Eve’s not sure if responding is right or wrong but being carried away by his seeming friendliness, decides to pay some attention. He captivates Eve with his smile then speaks:

“Hello there. Will I be wrong in assuming that you are being confined to this circle?”

“Father told Adam and I to never leave it.”

“Really? Why?”

“He said if we do, we’d lose the source of our happiness and life.”

Amidst his guttural laughter, the devil manages to say:”Are you serious?! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in ages! And trust me, I’ve been around for quite some time.”

“Really?” Eve asks, intrigued to find someone who appears to have been around for a while longer than she has.

“God doesn’t love you, friend. He’s just trying to prevent you from having a feel of the many pleasures that abound outside of this circle; and the worst part is you are foolishly playing along!”

Eve’s weighed down by the words she’s heard and immediately forgets about Adam. Outside the circle suddenly looks irresistible to her. She steps close to the line, hesitates a bit, thinks hard. The devil casts a mischievous smile at her and she doesn’t notice.
She waits for a little while, wondering why Adam’s taken so long in returning today. Feeling unable to resist the offer to explore the world outside and too impatient in waiting for Adam, she places a foot outside the circle; there’s no ill feeling, then she places the second one and for a moment she feels ‘free, liberated.’

Adam arrives just after Eve’s stepped out and notices something strange about her. She’s making bodily movements he doesn’t understand (she’s attempting to carry out a dance step she’s been taught by the ‘nice devil’)

She calls out to Adam and casts a smile at him. Then says:”it’s really beautiful out here.”
“Out where?!” It dawns on Adam his wife’s standing outside the circle. He’s almost heart broken when she says:”relax dear; it really isn’t that bad out here. There’ll more space for our future kids to run around you know”

Adam looks at his wife and once again notices the irresistible smile on her face. He thinks to himself: “She’s happy. I guess being outside this circle isn’t really as bad as God said it would be”. He immediately forgets all God said and steps out of the circle under the request of his wife.

For a moment he feels being outside really feels good.

But suddenly, Eve hears strange noises from around her, Adam perceives an offensive smell. Everywhere around them suddenly looks dirty and slimy, with a sickening feel. The once colorful sight then turns a horrible shade of black. Adam and Eve try to locate and return to the circle they once lived in and suddenly it’s gone. Eve breaks down in tears. Adam holds her still. The damage’s done. They continue the search for a while. Then God comes around, looks into some part of the circle. Not finding Adam, He calls:”Adam, where are you?”

“God I’m trying to locate the circle,” Adam replies.

“What! Locate the circle? You chose to go against my word and step out of the circle?”

“Eve caused it. She called me out!”


“Someone else called me out. He’s right over there.” She points at the devil…and the story continues.

Adam and Eve remained outside that circle till death. Stepping out of the circle was in itself a kind of death. Everyone born of them was born outside the circle, none knowing what they missed in not being born in the circle.

Some attentively listened when their parents talked about the circle; and tried finding it. Others never took it to heart.

On the few who sought God and His circle, God showed mercy and revealed Himself. At those who cared not about it, He shook His head in pain and allowed them continue in their ignorance and suffering.

But having loved man so much, God thought of what to do to rescue man and decided:”I’ll go to them myself and stand in that circle since they can’t locate it, and call out to them. As many as are ready will find me, find it and reap the benefit of doing so”

And so Christ came, and till now, He stands in that circle and calls out to you. Are you listening, have you seen Him, are you walking towards Him. It’s your second chance at life. Don’t look away from Him and spurn that chance. He lovingly and patiently calls.

Emeka Osu

Outside this circle
It’s so much fun
You can take every dance lesson you want
And you’ll still run out of options
Just when will I enter this circle ?
There’s a ‘criminal’ hanging on a cross
And He’s alive , begging me to come
Should I enter, this boundary cross?
One leg in, one leg out
like the dance move Satan’s teaching
Can I live without this fun ?
Will I let my self get soaked in Christ’s blood
I’ll step in in faith, preacher hold my hands
Lord Jesus have mercy
Keep me within the grace and bounds
This circle around Calvary.

There’s life in the circle.


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