Dear Heart

(This was inspired by a song I listened to: ‘Dear Heart’ by Sanctum Real. You should get and listen to that song. Read, like, comment, share, ask questions. Stay blessed)

MAN sat, tired, worn, weary, troubled by the controlling effect of feeble, deceptive, bias, unfair HEART over him.

Desperate for a break, he thought to have a conversation with HEART, despite HIS fear of the bitter sweet words HEART may serve him once more.

He speaks “Dear HEART, do you belong to me, or do I belong to you? Just take a look at all this trouble you’ve dragged me into. I’ve heard it said to follow your HEART but I’m starting to wonder if I’ve gone too far.”

HEART replies “I was only doing my job MAN!”

MAN’s so hurt he cries: “Oh HEART! You’ve let me down: chasing loves where they can’t be found: through valleys of dark clinging bottles, smoky paths of burning plants, ragged mountains of painful pleasures. HEART! Who’s gonna save US now?”


“Yes US, ’cause I need you to be.”

“Well, since you MAN don’t seem satisfied with my well done job, the only one who can make me do anything different is HIM.”

“Who’s ‘HIM’?”

“Don’t tell me! He’s been standing right in front of US, asking to help, YOU’ve only been blinded all along”…

So you see, friend, your heart only does its job in making you sin, tired and worn. That’s its nature. Only CHRIST can take that feeble, weak heart and make it a fancy, white one.

Open your heart friend. He waits.


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