Even The Devil Does Maths

Well I know that everyone who believes in the sovereignty of God would respond with “of course God’s greater than the devil” when asked a related question. But our actions and thoughts depict the opposite. We equate him with God; imagine him so powerful, all-seeing, and aware of God’s plan for us whereas he is nothing of this. Factually, in his best state, the devil is the chief of the worst of angels; c’mon, he’s a fallen one. Lucifer was his name; he was to do our bidding not us his; that’s until he fell, and man followed. Think of it, he knows not what the next moment holds, contrary to our unconscious usual belief. Why then are we troubled by him? Why do we worry or fret when the power that raised Christ from the dead comes to dwell in us once we accept Him. Ask yourself that.

To those who aren’t aware, here’s a case of how the devil works:

Debby is a pharmacy student, she paints, she draws, she writes; best part: she sings. The devil is jealous. Why? Debby doesn’t paint, draw, and/or write for him. He’s more jealous and frustrated because she doesn’t sing to or for him – he’s Lucifer, he was then music’s chief.

Not desiring anything good for Debby, as well as for any other being, he plots, assumes the place of a mathematician and applies his knowledge of probability, permutation, combination, name it!

He thinks to himself: “Ok, Debby’s got a test on Tuesday. She’s been rendering services to God through the weekend but still has some time to study for her test. If she studies, well I know that man they call God, He’ll bless her for time spent for Him. Once He does that, Debby succeeds in her test. This results in more of Debby’s trust in God and service for the Same, and that’s more headaches for me.”

He then attempts to derive an equation:
S + t=b
s + b=Sc
s + 2b = 2Sc
Where S= Debby’s Service to God, t=trust in God, b= God’s Blessings, s= Debby studies, Sc= Success, 2t= more trust, 2S= more service etc.

He forms a more general one bearing semblance with:
Sc =R.(S+s)
Where R=Debby retains her salvation; and the others are as described above

(I don’t know if the above equations are wrong. They are the devil’s anyway)

So it’s planned out, he tries to frustrate Debby’s optimum success by either keeping her from studying, serving or retaining her salvation as the equation shows. All it takes is for Debby to realize and utilize her privileges in Christ, then the devil’s in for some real frustration! This is just one of the several ways in which the devil operates.

Eph 1:17 – 23 shows us how well we can make the devil fail his Math, we laugh at him. Actually, right now I’m pretty sure he’s frustrated I discovered his plans and filled you in on them 😉

There’s still a lot to this post, and I pray the Spirit guides you into all truth. 


13 thoughts on “Even The Devil Does Maths

  1. They serve complementary purposes. If it wasn’t for the devil most people wouldn’t know or appreciate God. God and the devil works like night and day. They complete each other to produce a whole. 🙂


      1. Who is the Devil? Who is God? Have you ever seen or met either? How do you know they are not the same thing? Part of the same whole? On bad days God plays Devil and on Good days the Devil plays God. 🙂


      2. @divinegrace. U haven’t met God? Well I have and believe me God and the devil can’t swap places either on a good day or on a bad one. Your take on the devil and God swapping places is probably cause you’ve not met God. Believe me, devil never does you good. Your understanding of good matters here


      3. How you know I haven’t met God? It took you 3 days to come up with this reply 🙂 You need to think for yourself child. You can’t believe everything you read. All books were written by men and that includes the bible. Even Jesus was a man. Jesus even told people not to worship him(Jesus) because Jesus himself knows he himself as great as he was, he was not God. Do you know why? Because God is everything… All that is and ever was whether you perceive it as good or evil. It’s God. 🙂 Thanks for being opening minded. I enjoy my conversations with you. You are a smart child. You will figure it out one day.


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