Goodbye Death


Tonight we part
Yes, we do, me and you
I won’t kiss you goodbye;
I’ll barely even say goodbye.

I would relate the thoughts running through the streets of my mind:
Of how much wrong you’ve done, hurt you’ve caused;
Of how much you’ve led me on the paths of ill life and paths to death

Yet you tell of how much love you’ve showed
Love indeed

I leave you tonight, gladly I do,
Knowing twill do me good

You’ll feign the tears I can assure
You’ll stand and watch after me, I’m sure.
You’ll cry out my name, screaming “I’ll remember the heartbreak.”
“I’ll never forgive you, never will I forget” too you’ll say

I won’t stop to listen,
I will walk with a wry smile, knowing how much more I mean to you having left.
You’ll keep tabs on me.
You’ll hide around corners, watching my new love and I, impatiently waiting for a moment to catch me alone so you’d present before me pieces of the past pleasures.
And when you don’t find me alone, you’ll send a secret message: to your hurt.
Your hurt because I’ll read it out to her,
And we’d both laugh, out loud

Tonight I die to you,
I seize hearing you, seize speaking to you, seize feeling you.
My eyelids shut to you, my sight’s better now that they are.
Why would I ever want to open them to you?

“Life without with Christ”
I left you a long time ago, I’m never coming back.

And I wrote this in memory of you.


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