Did Jesus Eat A Lot?

Was Jesus Christ a foodie?
We are often unwittingly tempted to regard Christ as the typical figure of a ‘fasting and praying’ man. Sometimes we tend to assume that He seldom indulged in wining and dining. I actually think that Jesus ate a lot. And soon you may be tempted to believe with me.

Making reference to John 4:34

Jesus said unto them, my meat is to do the will of my Father and to finish His work

(You may want to go ahead and read the full account in John 4 but I’ll try to render a summary.) In the passage, Jesus was hungry as were his disciples it seems, so they, the disciples decided to leave Jesus and go get food. They returned with food which they gave their Master to eat but which he rejected. Hoping to make sense of his gesture, they asked him if anyone had brought Him food to eat while they were away. He replied in the negative and further responded to their question by stating the verse quoted above.

By His understanding, Jesus had eaten. He’d always received nourishment without His disciples realizing it. They – just like any of us would have been – had been too inattentive to notice how Jesus’ face lit up after He’d had preached the gospel, taught the word, or healed the sick. Neither had they observed how His spirit revived from the satisfaction derived from his quiet eating escapades. Ahhh, perhaps, you have until now also failed to notice these things in the Bible.

These meals weren’t of the kind His disciples had to offer. They were His daily accomplishment of His Father’s will. He often suffered hunger when He’d not healed the sick, imparted a life, reconciled a soul to His Father, spent time apart with Him or done any of such things that could be termed ‘the will of the Father’. These were His meals, explaining why He never failed to carry out such practices.

Jesus looovvveeeddd to eat and was never ashamed to display his foodiness to whosoever was willing to see.  And each time He had opportunity to satisfy the cravings of his innards, they rumbled in satisfaction causing a wry smile to cross his glowing face. He could go on for days without the petty kind of food His disciples had to offer after He’d had one of those sumptuous meals of His. How else do you think He went forty days without tasting a thing as was the case in the fourth chapter of Matthew.

Perhaps you came reading this, expecting me to tell you of the Jesus who ate 6 loafs of bread a  day, with each accompanied by two fishes, I apologize. That Jesus you thought of is probably an extremely fat 15 year old Spaniard who somewhat adopted the name Jesus. Not my own Jesus Christ ho brought me salvation. 😉

On a concluding note, I’d advise that you make attempts at eating as much as Jesus Christ did. He leads, we follow. Right?



7 thoughts on “Did Jesus Eat A Lot?

  1. You can never be overfed with this kind of meal… Keep asking for more all your life. Not to worry, you won’t be considered a glutton.
    Dear LORD, I need more…


  2. Too cool. Your blog came up, when I wrote about Hobbies ( still in draft right now- publish this week sometime, since there is a method to my madness hahaha). Yes you are right the way you described Jesus. I am sick and tired of the American Christian religious cliques to portray Jesus as some holy, pious zombie or the all out Jack in the box, who you just pull up as an emergency brake when you out of cash-flow. I praise God that you have a vital relationship to Him. Looking forward to read more as my time permits. Be blessed as you have blessed me.


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