The Miracle In A Connection 1


They’d been together for 40 years and he still couldn’t explain the feeling he has now looking at her. Besides Christ, she was the best gift Tobi had ever found.

He remembers the morning they’d met; he’d been at a store to get his mother a gift for her fiftieth birthday. He’d been standing for over 20 minutes, trying to decide on what gift to get, when a kind stranger walked up to him and offered to help. In less than a minute she had chosen a gift for him and when he handed it over to his mum later that day, she said it was the best she’d ever gotten as a birthday present. Mother had asked Tobi if he had chosen the gift all by himself and when he responded negatively she’d asked for the name of his helper, which Tobi couldn’t tell, because the stranger had refused to tell.

Something had changed in Tobi the moment he met Miss Stranger – as he’d resolved to think of her – and he knew it. He hoped to someday meet her again to ascertain what she could have done to him. Usually a man of low spirits, he’d found new happiness. The Holy Spirit His closest confidant chose to keep in suspense about it’s source until Tobi again met Miss Stranger. This wasn’t going to be their last time of meeting because in the following year, Tobi took her to the aisle. And once he placed that ring on her finger, he knew undoubtedly that a miracle had been born on the day they’d met at the store.

A reputable architect that he was, the nature of Tobi’s job had afforded him the opportunity to meet with several maidens from Manhattan, models from Milan, mistresses from Madrid, and single mothers from Mushin, yet did he cast his eyes on none of them in lust, infatuation or in an attempt to find his soul mate. He’d hoped in His one God and Father, trusting Him to come through as He’d always done, holding on to the words in his favorite Psalms 37:4, believing that at the right moment he’d find the right one. And so it was in the woman who now held his gaze. His God had given him his best, a miracle: one that would last a lifetime.


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2 thoughts on “The Miracle In A Connection 1

  1. When a man gives himself up to be God’s property,He guards him jealously nd protects his him d best he culd eva wish for nd make his life beautiful.. We have to rely totally on God so he can give us d best… Beware!!!! Dnt seek for God’s permissive will…


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