Falling Backwards Into Hell

We live in  a world of forms: forms which our souls see in contrasting pairs. A thing either is beautiful, music, clean, strait, acceptable, light-abiding, heaven-headed etc, or it is ugly, noise, dirty, broad, unacceptable, darkness-conforming, hell-bound; respectively. I count the last on both afore declared list most significant at this point, as they tend to set a standard for man’s way of living: pointing directly to God or the devil (there would be no heaven without God, and hell was made for the devil). And as much as I enjoy talking/writing about the pretty things of life: childbirth, marriage, new-birth, successes, heaven and as many more of such as are conceivable, I equally find it necessary to speak of things as undesirable as the eternal destination of sinners – for that same feature it possesses – albeit occasionally.

As evidenced in life (beginning with the eras depicted in the bible) I believe the souls of men head to Hell in different ways:

Some willingly walk into it after blinding themselves to it (these are willful sinners), others reluctantly walk into it despite seeing it’s horrors(these fear hell yet forsake not it’s ways), some get pulled along into it, others get cast in; the list goes on. Worst of these classes, are those who walk backwards into it. These don’t suddenly find themselves on it’s edge, but take calculated steps into it: only this time they look away from hell, all the while having their faces towards heaven, their eyes on God’s throne. An example is Baalam.

Baalam was a prophet of God as depicted in the bible. He heard the voice of God, heard an ass speak, spoke with an angel, yet he took steps away from God’s kingdom, because of a desire for material possessions, a promise of earthly goodies, the things many earnestly seek and in so doing get to miss out on God’s ideal plans. Baalam got bought over by the devil with promises of Balak’s honour. He replaced God’s sure honour with this; lost heaven by a tag of covetousness. All the way to the horrible pit, he spoke with God, heard from Him: even through humanly inconceivable means, yet he walked on, eyes on the throne, another pair on his head’s back, as not to miss the way to the pit.

His prayers gave a hint to these: “…let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his…” On his gaze on the throne, he beheld and admired righteous (wo)men who walked forward to the throne, and yet refused to do same till he met his end. I can’t imagine the rest.

A similar case was Judas’. He had his eyes on the throne for a long time but turned away and dived into hell at the most unfit hour.

Truth’s true, we have to live with it! You just have to be sure who your master/father is. He determines the direction in which you walk. Do you walk forward to God or the devil? Or do you walk backward to the devil? I doubt you can walk backwards to God (feel free to give your opinion on this). Whatever the case is, do whatever it takes to see an undamped smile on God’s face forever.

Question’s ‘do you know what it takes to do so?’
“If you do know, then you’ll grow”

See Numbers chapters 22,23 and 24 and learn of Baalam.


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