2013, My Art Year


“Every man at the beginning presents good wine; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse; but you have kept the good until now”

I decided it’s time I shared every pencil work I did in 2013. Patience is indispensible when portraits are done, but mine often runs out once the head region of a piece is complete hence the title ‘Art of Impatience’. As in the quoted verse, good wine was served last, so I’ll leave the piece I regard as best for last – my personal prejudices permitted.

If I shared 50 pieces at the end of this post, I doubt #20 would make top 49. I thought I did poorly on this one.


I’d done #19 before I knew who/what Huey was.


#18: The fruity bowl: Bananas and Strawberries. Feature image forJesus ate a lot’!

Jesus ate a lot
Jesus ate a lot

#17 is an incomplete drawing of Miss Asuquo. The only reason this ranks low is because it’s incomplete. If you think she looks familiar and you’re sure you’ve not met Debby, then you might just have met Patience, her thinner version, my only sis. I do think they look alike.


Despite its brilliance, I thought #16 was too simple to be rated better than most of the human portraits. Feature image forBattlefield of the mind.


#15 is a drawing of Mr. and Mrs. Odupitan. Oluwasegun Odupitan made me do nothing else but this till it was complete. I was still a bit timid with shading, as evidenced.


#14 would have gotten a higher rating but for the fact I don’t seem to like it that much.


Ojuolape Kuti. I tried out a different kind of paper while working on #13 and never reused it. Despite repeated shadings, it felt like I was doing nothing. I survived anyways.


#12 is a product of one of those moments when you come across a picture and it screams ‘draw me, draw me!’


Oluwasegun Odupitan named #11 ‘Baba Ijebu’. This was my first drawing of 2013. Must have been a time difference of 6 months or more (can’t remember really) between this and anything I did before it. It was then my fastest drawing: A2 sized, above three hours – I was that slow.

#11 Baba Ijebu

#10 doesn’t thoroughly reflect the original drawing – they often don’t.


#9: The picture to be drawn didn’t help much (as is the case with most of my drawings). Doesn’t seem to have that standout factor but I’m a bit satisfied with how it turned out still.


#8 is probably someone’s wife/’sister’ to be. Dude kept telling of how the drawing was smiling at him.


#7 is Alonge and wife. Everyone says I drew the husband better.


I decided I wasn’t going to use an eraser on #6, no matter how much error was made. Feature image in theMiracle in a connection (1)

#6 Marriage as it should be

#5: Amsami. Had to draw one of 4 pictures and chose this. Why? The scarf: why it had to be different.


#4: I thought #5 looked better with the pencils.


I was a tad discouraged by #3 at the start, suspended it for two days only to resume in the middle of a night and voila!


#2: As much as I want to make this my best in 2013, for its beauty, uniqueness and message, I’ll be just enough to make it second best: my standpoint. Feature image forThe Art, The Artist, The Articulate.’ You really need to read the story behind this.

#2 Lukewarm?

I can’t help being fascinated by #1. It’s a regular portrait still, but I believe it stood out from the rest. I loved the glasses, the tribal marks, the mustache, the hair, especially the white spot on the nose.


(Click on each drawing to view in full)

Those were my 2013 drawings, at least the ones with records: some have been given out, others preserved. Perhaps, someone wonders why I never drew a young man; I’ve always considered such drawings boring: I’d rather draw a boy or an aged man than someone my age give or take some years.

In all, on a scale of 100, I ended 2013 on level 5; hoping to get to 50 by the end of 2014. I’ve done a lot of traditional portraits in A2 lately, I think it’s time A1 took off its jacket and sat on the table with me while I became less traditional and more patient, that’s after a few more portraits of known folks have been done.
My standout art, “Our interpretations of Grace” is yet to come. Anticipate!

Say you feel I didn’t rate this rightly, or I missed something, please use the comment box. You can’t tell the extent to which your comments will go.

Stay blessed.


22 thoughts on “2013, My Art Year

  1. I was [and still] blown away by the grandeur of your art. I may be considered naive by some, who think they know art– can art ever be truly understood by man’s limited thinking?. Each portraits paints a plethora of emotions, depending on what side of the tainted glass you are on, and which object or aspect you choose to focus on most. Art is life, and I do appreciate the beauty of the pencil more, not when it chooses to write, but when it chooses to paint irregular shape and shades of lines with messages, numbered in thousands if written down.


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