I Moved In With Joshua.

Joshua and I had been best friends for more than two years. Over this length of time, he would often come stay over at my place for some weeks, then leave for his, only to return after a few days. To say that I enjoyed his company would be an understatement. This explains why, at some point in our friendship, we took the brilliant decision to move in together, but not without a worded deal. We built a new house and made an attachment with it. Here was the deal: whichever of us got wedded first would own the house, leaving the other to move into the attachment. To the best of my knowledge, Joshua had no intention of getting married, so, I was winning this. He seemed more than willing to grant me this known advantage though, but that’s a story for another day.

We moved in together and Joshua surprisingly brought some of his friends along!

They, Josh’s friends came along with no luggage so I assumed they just stopped by to say hello and grace our moving in together. Turned out I was wrong. They never left.

They were so unlike the normal people I came across each day. Actually, you’d need a Seventh sense to relate with them, Josh too. You couldn’t see, hear, touch, smell and be able talk to any of them if you did not possess this Seventh sense. I had it, which explains why I could see, hear, speak with Josh, and his friends. And concerning Josh’s friends, sometimes I had them around, other times I didn’t just for a brief moment, then there they were again. On some occasions, I saw just one of them, then more and maybe all, and even when none was seemingly around, I just kinda knew they were there, living in the background, leaving Josh in the fore.

First time, I’d paid Josh a visit at his old place while we lived apart , I’d met his stewardess. Her name was Love – and she was lovely. I discovered she came along when Josh moved in, and greeted me with a trademark smile. Joy her sister was also on hand to clean my place of every atom of gloom it possessed when Happiness my help didn’t get to do his job right. Right now, I’m considering recruiting Joy to take his place.

There was rarely an unneeded stirring when Josh moved in with me – Peace made sure of it. Undeterred Courage was my constant escort. She went with me everywhere and every time, save when Faith failed to come along. Faith literally decided where Courage went.

Sometimes I try to imagine how many fights I’d have gotten into if gentleness hadn’t always whispered: “relax, real men don’t throw punches”. I once had a little chat with her cousin Humble; she is the only reason I have handshakes with the man who does my laundry, or makes me start a conversation with the garbage collector whenever he’s around to haul the trash.

Lately, I’ve constantly had to meet with one of my organization’s gatekeepers on my way to work. I find him waiting whenever I drive by ‘Ore-ofe Stores’. I often do stop to give him a ride to work, save him some extra expenses. Kindness taught me to do so.

I also met Temperance, she’s the one reason I sleep in bars no more, or casinos. My colleagues at work wonder why I smile, seeming unruffled, whenever my individual projects don’t seem to be yielding the desired results. They don’t see the comforts Patience and Hope offer me seamlessly.

Josh came along with other friends, some of which I’ve noticed but haven’t once conversed with; others I’ve said hi to but haven’t had much interaction with. I’ll wait till I have, then I’ll tell you more about them.

Till then, Cheers.

Images courtesy mabc.org.nz


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