What Are Your Eyes Made Of?

‘An eye’ means an eye of any kind.

‘The eye’ refers to a special kind of eye.

‘An eye’ sees all things but does not see itself.

‘The eye’ sees itself by seeing all things.

When ‘an eye’ only sees the external,

‘The eye’ sees the soul,

When ‘an eye’ can’t look beyond the present,

‘The eye’ sees the future.

‘The eye’ is never classified as being short or long sighted,

It is God-sighted, seeing only what God wants it’s owner to see.

‘An eye’… well, I am short sighted.

God created my eyes and expects me to realize that they aren’t just made up of two ‘an-eyes’ but of two ‘the eyes’.

What are your Eyes made of? What do they see?

Drawing – MichaEl
Write up – Yettie BANS


2 thoughts on “What Are Your Eyes Made Of?

  1. @anonymous,add in Him and u'll get d drift…when ur eye is single;ur focus is single.then,u see all things in HIm and anytin outside Him doesnt make sense and…d more u behold him,d more u see urself…cos He is that single eye's mirror.#scratches head…hope i helped at least a lil bit…#smile


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