Angels On Assignment

For the children who dwell in His secret place…

Child, I will command my angels concerning you to keep you in all your ways; to hold you up in their hands so you don’t hurt your foot on a stone. 



I am…
The answer to your prayers unspoken,
Miracles in plain sight
Bright cloud on your darkest morning,
Whisperings on cold nights,
Lonely lovely Othniel,

I am AriEl…
Your guardian angel

My eyes adored you the moment you came into the world. Your expectant eyes, first breathing cry caused a skip to my beating heart. Then I knew I’d be yours and you mine till the end of the world as designed by the Father of Lights. The Beginning.

How long child have you been afraid, wondering, waiting for the next tear to fall? You’ve walked among friends, foes, foxes willing to spoil your vine, rob you of your innocence, your smile, dreams, excitement, play, and laughing-out-loud. You’ve lived through days of sorrow… you’ll live to smile again. Hold on child, hold on to His Love.

Let Him love you and have you smile through the sorrow and dance in the rain of tears; knowing before you lies the crystal clear sea, the life-giving tree, the street of gold, plains of onyx, the feet of your Beloved: the First of Lights, Christ.

You have never laid eyes on me; may never lay eyes on me. I have always looked out for you; will always look out for you; ever working to have you laugh out loud again in that place full of circus lights: Heaven.

Lonely lovely OthniEl, will you let me be your Guardian Angel, sworn to keep you from Fallen Angels. Will you dwell in the Father’s secret place? PSA911

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3 thoughts on “Angels On Assignment

    1. Amen. I’m somewhat humbled by the import of this comment: a good thing for me I believe. And I pray you also partake in the blessing of being continually led by God. Thank you so much for this ‘little’ Maureen. Blessings.


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