There are truths in this piece I cannot quite express like I’d love to. I pray He breathes them into you as you read.

All great men are not of the same size. Many a bright and benign star there is which is not of the first magnitude, and many a good ship not of the first rate.


Thirty and seven. The number deemed worthy to be mentioned in the annals of warriors who fought for, and side by side with Daud, the great giant slayer. These they are who were instrumental in bringing him to the crown, settling and protecting him in the throne, and enlarging his conquests. They are men who have emulated the king’s example in conduct and courage in conquest.

These are grouped in ranks varying in honor and dignity: the first rank, the three, a chief triumvirate worthy of greatest honor amidst the others; another, a triumvirate with great honor still but of lesser reputation than the first triumvirate; and a third group of thirty – not lacking in great honor but of lesser dignity than the second group of three.

Many great and extraordinary events are passed by in the annals of the king, but not Adin’s, Elea’s or Sham’s. These are the members of the first triumvirate; men who had done the greatest exploits, thus gaining the greatest reputation.

Adin, first among the captains, chief of the first triumvirate, stood against 800 men in one battle with nothing but a spear. He killed them all.


Sham, third among the first triumvirate, stood against a band of Philistines who had camped in a ground filled with harvests of lentils. He alone stood in the middle of this ground against the band of Philistines and dispossessed them of the ground. He stepped out in victory, Philistine blood dripping off the edge of his sword.


I am Elea, Son of Dod, second of the chief triumvirate of men who fought great by Daud the king, captain of Isra.

Once, a giant, champion of the Philistines had defied the armies of Isra, gathered together to battle. Daud my king, only then a shepherd boy, had risen up in defense of the army of the living God. With a child’s toy, he put the giant to the ground, dead, and severed by the giant’s sword his head from his body and fed it to the birds.

Years later, history repeated itself, only in a different light. This time Isra had defied the armies of the Philistines gathered together to battle. The Philistines, in turn, had risen up against Isra who’d fled at the approach of the Philistines. I Elea alone was left standing with the king against the Philistines.

I stood not because I thought myself to be of greater fighting prowess than the fleeing men, but because I found it impossible to shake off the words from a dream I’d awoken from at dawn of the same day. They floated, printed in a strange tongue but fully clear now as I stood before the Philistines.

“Isra a sa lo.”

Isra will flee

“Duro, ki o ja, ki o di okan pel’Oba.”

Stand, fight and become one with the King.

These words kept me rooted while the others fled for safety. And once my sword was out of its sheath, it was either the whole army before me, went down or I did.

And as blow after blow, I inflicted, and man after man I slew, the sinews of my strong hand tired. Yet, maybe by some great miracle (or by holding it for so long), my sword  did CLEAVE faithfully to my hand like it was a part of me, impossible to release, moving with each swing of my wearied hand, until the Supreme One by my hand wrought a victory and the rest of Isra returned to claim the spoil.

There will be sights, magic, wonder on our journey to rest. Unceasingly it’s been mentioned in the annals of the King: of men who stopped the mouth of lions, walked unhurt through fire, walked on water, parted seas, held back the rain, and called down fire, tore lions in two with their bare hands.

2SAM2310… DEUT3230… JOSH2310

Therefore child, while Rest still you seek, with your heart CLEAVE faithfully to the Sword of the Spirit; let His Word dwell in you richly by much exercise that you may stand and make a rout of the myriads of demons who stand against you, even when all else flee for safety.


One of you will chase a thousand, because the LORD your God fights for you, just as he promised.

– JOSH2310

And if I sounded somewhat finger-tied with my use of the Yoruba language, bear with me 🙂 I can only get better.


3 thoughts on “Cleave

  1. I appreciate your genuine response here Maureen. 🙂
    If I'm thinking the Paul you're thinking, then we're referring to a pretty big personality. I pray I receive grace to see myself in such light and… Amen to your prayers too.

    Thanks Maureen for your comment(s)


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