If you’re Nigerian, you know the stories folks get flying around about the evils/ills of these last months of the year: the EMBER months. These stories may be valid: you cannot tell (maybe you can) what kinda ‘spirits’ we have flying around this space above our heads, walking around us, or swimming beneath us, of which Eshu’d be prince.

They may also just be myth, brought up by folks for certain reasons – you know how religiously sentimental we get to be at times. I mean, September, October, November, December: aren’t those English names for the last four months of the year? I don’t see any EMBER pattern to the way they are named in Yoruba: Owewe, Owara, Beelu, Ope respectively – phew! It’s hard to believe I remembered those. Mr Bamijoko should be proud of me. Or maybe I got them wrong 😐 – and last time I checked, spirits weren’t necessarily English by nature. Dig?

Either way, it’s not something I’d like to bother so much about because I’ve got: G! O! D! Hu-uhn.

He’s proven to have all supremacy in all things, and is on a never-ending winning streak against Eshu, firmly defeating him twice on a grander scale. Seeing this, I’m assuredly beyond good. You are too if He can call you son or daughter. Or if His providence just somehow keeps you. ( And why not get assured?) What’s with the months then?

So here’s how I get to view the EMBER months whenever they come:

Ember is a glow from a fire that’s about to be put out – or something like that. So, for me, that’s more like a glow from a year that’s about to run out.

So, EMBERs are here. You’ve probably been on fire through the year – or not. But now, while it’s still dark and cold outside, is an opportunity to get lit and stay aglow, pull others close and keep them warm – give them a reason to hope for the coming years. And, don’t forget to stay lit.

It’s the EMBERS!

Get lit! Get glowing!


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