The Guilt


“Didn’t I say not to hurt the boy? That he’s done nothing wrong to us? But you wouldn’t listen. Now see, isn’t that why this is happening to us?” Reuben gestured towards the men as if speaking with his hands. “Now one of us has been imprisoned and who knows what’ll happen next: maybe you’ll have to kill the old man too since you were not so hesitant in hurting the boy.” He cried.

Overcome with guilt, they stared one at another, then away: some at the ground as if making a plea for it to open and swallow the moment; others at the skies, willing the moment to pass so swiftly it would seem it never had been. Perceiving the moment as retribution, each man blamed himself for the part he had to play in hurting the boy. The boy Joseph.


The Acquittal

They looked back as he called out for the last time and with a smile said: “Please do not beat yourselves up on your way back home. I didn’t get here as a result of what you did. But God did send me here. There are uncountable number of ways through which He’d have done that but He chose to do it through you. Hold nothing against yourselves for I hold nothing against you.”

The Man smiled and hoped The Boy somewhat heard when he whispered: “I always knew there was something special about you. I believed in those dreams you told us of.”

There really was something special about The Boy. One moment The Man and his cohorts were selling him off to a strange country, another moment he was saving them from death by a famine.


The guilt, the condemnation is what our sins bring to us.

The acquittal is what happens when we meet and accept Christ who takes us out of our sins and its accompanying guilt, not minding all we’ve done against Him.

Joseph the boy, was a picture of Jesus. Reuben and his other brothers, the ones who did hurt the boy depicted the entire human race.

Jesus takes away our sins, guilt and shame, and calls us beloved. Are you His beloved?


Image courtesy Science For All


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