Not the verb – sketchy thing
But the noun – sacred thing (soon you’ll find)


Moonlight: the pale, bluish light that comes from the moon.

The moon is non-luminous. Science tells me it produces no light on its own. Being a reflector, it would only ‘produce’ light by reflecting light from another source – the sun.

Hence moonlight is that light of the sun reflected by the surface of the moon on earth. It is what we [on earth] see in the darkness of night as the tranquil light from the moon.

Isn’t this what we should be, as children of Light? Lacking light in ourselves yet serving as reflectors of the Light from the Sun on earth: while He, the Sun, waits to rise and take all the attention when He’s seen?

The moon has an albedo of 0.136 (wiki says), which means it only reflects 13.6 % of the light it receives from the sun. It absorbs most.

Little Christ, most of the Light (Word and More) you get from the Sun comes and stays with you, leaving you with enough to benefit from and still give off in steady quantity for the dark earth to see and maybe turn its sights, soon enough, towards the rising Sun. MATT 5.16

The heavens declare the glory of God; the firmament shows His handiwork. Day to day speaks, and night to night shows knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.


I‘m still trying to wrap my mind around the fullness of this. I hope to have you join in.

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