IKANG 1: Redemption



We were born, everyone. Each of us was born with some bright light shining in and through us. But we all suffered a fate similar to those who had gone before. In living, we lost our light, misted by each leechlike star which attached itself to every right arm that came into the world.

I do not call them stars for their radiance of brightness, but for their edgy shapes. These were dark stars which became active once a child became accountable, draining him/her of his/her light.

For many, it began at the age of six; for some, it happened a little earlier; others, of which I was a part, had theirs a little delayed. Whichever it was, from the liable moment, each one lost his hopes, joys, purpose, life as these stars lived through, by, and in him/her, leaving behind a ragged, wretched, pained, sickly, and distressed soul. They took control of our being: saw through our eyes, listened with our ears, took possession of our minds, ruled our bodies, acted with any part as they pleased, and lived off us until they slowly but steadily took our lives away. Gradually, our lights and lives drained off, till we had nothing left. Then the stars died with us.

Though we felt a loss of the light that accompanied us into the world, no one knew the origin of these stars; none saw the Spirit Adversary, Eshu, who smiled in the spirit dimension as he sent a designated star to each right arm which proceeded into the world. He knew no one by name or face, and cared not to know. All that mattered to him was a consumption of the light in each one. Saddeningly none of us counted the mark on each or another’s arms as being unusual; no, not until we saw Him, Ikang, the One who had a real Star: real not for its shape or size, but for its beauty and light.

A light to lighten the heathen, and the glory of your people…”

I cannot tell much about him, save that he had a different star attached to his right arm. He appeared to be wrapped in such light as to be sensed by senses exceeding sight. Our skins could feel his light; it produced no sound, yet we somewhat sensed it with your ears and even breathed it whenever he approached. Everyone desired a feel of him at the least. Seeing him gave us a sense of nostalgia, for we remembered what it was like to live in light, as newborns with no knowledge of this world and the evils it brought. He seemed otherworldly and yet was one of us. We knew his mother. We saw his birth.

But as many as received him, to them he gave power to become the sons of God…

The secrets to losing this deadening marks lay with him. He only knew the Spirit Adversary, the source of the dark stars; he only had the power to take them away: an active dark star could only be pulled away from its host by a Greater light.

Two choices lay before him: take, bear the dark stars of all and save them; do nothing but live and watch them suffer till the death of their souls. Fully aware of its consequences, he made a promise, a choice, a decision, and a sacrifice, to redeem everyone from the death the dark stars brought. He was Love personified and love would not suffer him live while we died.

I speak with such assurance because I chose to put faith in him for a moment and I had him take away my star as I received his light. All it took for a sincere seeker of his radiance type life, like me, was a joining of his right palm to mine as his light phased through my arm and went to my heart. The resulted in pain, the pain of separation from my dark star as it left my arm, accompanied by the hurt I felt on seeing the effect my star had on him as he took it from me – the pain seemed to come on him in blows. But soon after came the ecstasy as his light phased through my arm and into my soul, leaving me with such joy like I’ve never known, his bright star left as a mark of redemption, a seal of our union on my arm where the black star once resided.

The more arms he united with, the dimmer his star became, gradually turning him dark, as he became sick that we may be healed, weak that we may be strong, poor that we may be made rich.

And once the redemption was done, he left each one with a request while he bade us go:

Now you have my nature, love others as you have been loved, tell them of what I have done, tell them how they can to me come.

Now I see through his eyes, I see his light leech, life drain as Eshu smiles. But the evil one is wrong. He is. By heaven’s law, you don’t make the perfect sacrifice and be left to see corruption. As the last star approaches to have its feel of the light he emitted through his short moment spent in N’Idumea, Ikang can only smile at Salvation wrought and declare: “It is finished” because the evil one is shamed, and all of eternity was soon to discover.

Images courtesy tattooforaweek


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