Oku Kole Yin O: The Dead Can’t Praise You

Alaye loma yin O
Oku kole yin O

What have we done?
Missed the song’s meaning… danced to it anyway.

We have screamed: “Dead men don’t praise, therefore do the praising you that are alive!”

We’ve opened our mouths, screamed out loud, and He’s heard nothing. JN931

We have danced.
He’s failed to watch.

He can’t see us.

Still, we dance.

We are blind. We do not see He pays no attention

Oku kole yin

And what does He see when He sees us?
The Dead

Who are we?
We are the dead.

Who is He?
He is… He.

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob: these men, they aren’t dead. They can’t be. He, confirmed to be their God still, has declared that He is a God of the living, not dead. He is never wrong, never lies; never withdraws words. Therefore, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their kind (of which you may be a part) remain alive – despite having been buried since the early stages of the world – praising because He says they are.

We, on the other hand, (of which you may be a part), dead (in love for sins), and knowing nothing, remain praising while the Subject of our praise finds it impossible to hear us. ISA59.1.2. and instead asks us to:


“Drown. Drown to be heard. Drown, Drink, Share in My Blood and Water.”
Die with Me

“Awake. Awake from your Death.”
Come alive with Me

“Breathe. Breathe the same air I breathe”
Live with Me

“Then will you be heard when you praise.”
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. (PS1506)

Dead men don’t praise God.
Only the living can.

P.S: I asked a few friends to describe the art in one word. And here’s what they came up with:
The Blood and Water.

What do you see in it?


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