IKANG 3: Give Me Your Hand

And if your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away…


I am now past the portal and have been in Ikang, the Light a while, but something isn’t right. Uyom’s missing. He isn’t in Ikang yet.  The portal is still sliding shut and at this point, the space left at the portal can only take two people at a time. Uyom is still not in sight and now the portal is getting so small it can only allow a body and there is hardly anyone coming in through it.

Suddenly, through the opening I see someone running, getting close, a left hand comes through the portal, followed by its body. And it’s him! Uyom comes in, except his right hand remains out. It seems he’s trying to pull something, someone into Ikang, but the portal at this time is too small to take any more bodies. Uyom isn’t letting go and tries on until his right hand is caught. He can’t pull who or what is on the other end in, and he can’t come in too, leaving the portal from sliding shut.

There are several others too, waiting just inside the portal: who, like me, wish and wait for someone they know to come in. While we wait for what is to come next, an angel appears. I have never seen an angel, but what I see can be nothing but one. It walks up to Uyom and says: “******” calling him a name I can’t process, “…your right hand remains outside Ikang while the rest of your body is in. And now this portal has to slide close for the fullness of Ikang to be revealed and reveled in. Would you prefer I cut off your right hand and let the rest of your body into this place of Light or that I threw you out whole  into the infinite darkness that is to follow on the other side?”

If you were Uyom, what would your answer be? In action?


3 thoughts on “IKANG 3: Give Me Your Hand

  1. interesting! this brings to reality on of Jesus parables. The pain to be gotten from the yanking off of one's limb can be likened unto the pain we feel from letting go of what/who we love; especially when deep down we know we ought to. But as the angel emphasized on “the fullness of the LIGHT”, I feel the aftermath far outweighs the pain whatsoever.


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