Come To The Edge

How often do you read a book, view a picture, a drawing, a painting; partake in an event having no focus on matters of faith and the Kingdom and yet find yourself so inspired by it in such a way that only Faith can?

I could listen to a little girl speak about a lion and find myself travelling in thoughts towards the Lion of Judah’s tribe. A man could have a pen in his right hand and have me think of how Moses’ rod would have felt in his.

French writer, poet and art critic Guillaume Apollinaire wrote,

Come to the edge.
No, we will fall.
Come to the edge.
No, we will fall.
They came to the edge.
He pushed them and they flew.


Here’s what I find in these words: the relationship between the Father and His sons – a faith-seeking call, bringing the called to a place he’ll naturally dread; consequently launching him into such beauty he could never fathom. A call to let go, but for a moment, of the things you see and hear, and for the same moment listen for the things you don’t.

Realize that the Father does not SEND but CALLS you up to the edge, where there’ll be no one else but you, and Him, alone. This posits Father to have been on the edge before calling you up to it. He’s seen the distress and crowning marvel of the edge. Sending you to the edge would qualify Him as unloving, calling you to it, quite the opposite.

Come to the edge.

No, You respond, in fear

Come to the edge.

Again, No.

Then tinged by the feeling that you’ll miss out on some irredeemable experience – a feeling He instills in His forbearance – you go to the edge; and though arriving late, you find Him there, hoping, waiting on you.


I do not know how long He keeps you on the edge. But as soon as He sees you ready, He pushes, sets you on a path of no return.

You appear to yourself to fall. Then at the moment that is just right, you spread those wings you never knew you had, and instead of falling, you fly; you fly and give the world, which stays away from its edge a reason to go to it.

Your edge could be your innate ability, your gift, which constantly pushes you in one direction, pulling you into the same circle of people and things your heart loves but you are afraid to hold on or cling to. Sometimes you never even know it is God calling out to you. Your edge could be the gift His Spirit has made you, or laid in you. The edge could be more, and it’s not just for the reborn. Think.

To the ones who do not see the way He sees, the edge is only a place of risk and uncertainty. But to the few who see things divine [even if for the moment], the edge is only a place of signs, of magic, of wonder and victory.

If you came to Him, and He spoke with you, then pushed you off the edge, be assured you’ll fly.

Have you gone to the Edge?

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