The Unknown God

I recently had a conversation with a man more than twice my age. He told me a story of how he met his wife. For convenience I’ll call him Atti, while she’ll be Ada.

As a young adult, approaching and befriending a woman was not Atti’s forte: at best, he served as an acquaintance – nothing more. Being in his mid-twenties, and nursing the hope to someday get married, Atti was much bothered by this. And not being financially buoyant served to deepen his concerns.

As a result Atti, would often go to the backyard of the compound where his uncle, with whom Atti lived, and there talk to God. Atti knew relatively nothing of God: if He were male, female or in between; white, black, brown, or of some mixed race; African, European, Asian… Atti only believed that somewhere, there existed a divine Being who cared about humans and listened and heard when they sincerely, from their hearts – and not just mouths or minds – called to Him. And so each time Atti cried to God for a wife, Atti didn’t ask for a beauty queen or heiress to fortunes; his request was sincere, simple, “God, please give me a woman who can bear my person, a woman who is perfectly tailored for me.” Atti probably asked this in different ways with different words, but in summary, this was his request.

Thus, Atti went on living, striving to be a man who would lead a woman, a family.


Ada lived on the same street as Atti. She appeared to him as a responsible lady, the daughter of a respectable woman. On some days, he would see walk past his house on her way to church a short while after her mother had done the same. One thing led to another, and Atti and Ada became friends.

Atti was comfortable being just friends with Ada, and so was she. This friendship lasted for an initial five years amidst which set in talk of courtship and maybe marriage.

“You must understand boy, in those five years, I never saw her panties,” were Atti’s words as he shared with me. “‘Forget that thing,’ friends would mock me, ‘who do you think you’re fooling?’ But I remained true to my words for they couldn’t be truer.”

“I must also mention that in those five years, I was ready to let her go if some other man, of a better financial standing and status would seek her hand in marriage. I cared that much to want the best for her which I wasn’t ideally sure I could be. And since I had prayed, I believe I couldn’t miss out on what was mine.”

But as God would have it Atti and Ada birthed children as husband and wife.

“Whenever I wanted to make love to my wife, I would get on my knees and pray, ‘God, give me a female first child, and the others can be males.’”

And so it is that today, Atti’s first child is a married woman followed by younger men.


I believe Atti’s story. I believe in Atti’s story. I believe Atti is a perfect reflection of someone who would find God in His purest form if only he channeled his requests from just meeting fleeting needs, to finding God Who is man’s chief need. Atti, did not pray to a god founded on religion, Atti did not pray to his god within, a god of himself, he did not pray to a god of things, he did not pray to the universe as god, Atti prayed to the unknown God1 and the unknown God reached out to Him, because the goodness of the unknown [now revealed] God towards humans, works repentance in humans towards the same God.2

When we seek such gods founded on religion, self, persons, the universe, things made, we may have our temporal, physical, vain needs met, but we will stray farther from finding the real God, the One who made the mountains, the seas, Light, the sun, moon and stars, all things; we will stray from finding the real reason of our creation; and most importantly, we will stray from finding ETERNAL LIFE: the God-like, God-ordained, God-defined life.


Jesus does not belong to Christians. Jesus called no one Christian. Jesus calls no one Christian. Jesus is the FULLNESS of God in human form. He is the Bridge, the intersection between God and man. He is man’s insight into the perfect nature of God and God’s experience of the weakened nature of man. He is God’s life. He is man’s only entrance into the person of God. He is God’s experience of the person of Man. Outside Him, we will only find a spurious image of God. Sham.

Jesus did not come to gather together a sect, He did not come to deliver a message to a group of Christians; He came to reconcile humans to God, and God to humans; to be humans’ insight into God and God’s personification of man.

“Anyone who has seen Me has seen the Father.”3

“But to as many as did receive Him, He gave power to become sons of God, that is, to those who believe in His Name.”4

At some point dear friend, you must realize that what man teaches you about God will in no way suffice. Only what God teaches, shows you of and by Himself will. Hopefully you’ll let God take out from your eyes the mote and logs of tradition, religion, self and soulishness, and reveal Himself to you ON HIS TERMS.

He alone can reveal Himself to you. Your limited natural mind can’t fathom Him.

Ask that He reveals Himself to you. Yes, ask Him to reveal Himself to you. And you will find every provision He has made for the benefit of mankind in Jesus Christ.

“He rewards [with Himself] those who diligently seek Him.”5

From my end, I will be praying for you.

1 – ACTS17.23

2 – ROMANS2.4

3 – JOHN14.9

4 – JOHN1.12

5 – HEB11.6


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