Prayers Like Incense

Do you struggle in prayers?

Take a trip to an orthodox church, or a place, where incense is offered. Savor every moment of your experience.

Watch the priest, behold his priestly regalia, his spotless gown, the golden cape, and cap; his garment of worship, covering as much flesh, as he possible can. No priest incenses in filthy apparel.

Observe how carefully he carries himself. He worships not on his own terms, but on the terms of the worshiped. All so his offering may be accepted. Nothing is done in haste. His every move is perfectly timed and executed. He’s careful to avoid mistakes, he never in error drops the censer. You can hardly tell if he were saddened or angered just before the offering. He is a just man you conclude.

Observe his offering, the burning rising incense as it fills the room, filling every soul with an assurance of accepted worship.

Our prayers are like incense, offered by souls to our Maker and Sustainer. They are Trinitarian – offerings of saints in the Son, rising to the Father, borne by the wind of the Spirit.

Pray as much as you can in and by the Spirit, veiled in divine Wisdom and Righteousness, praying by the Father’s will. You follow a divine order, nothing is done on your terms. You offer incenses of words, of gestures, of sounds, of thoughts, of tears, of groaning. You do none by your flesh. The Spirit bids you do them.

The Father requires not the incense burnt in physical fire, but the incense of your souls offered on the flames of the purifying Spirit.

Your incense rise. The Father smells them. He is appeased. He stores them up in eternal vessels. To be remembered for ages to come. Portals are opened. There are showers, trumpets, thundering, lightning. He sends rain on our ever thirsty hearts. He blesses your spirit, your heart, your soul, drawing you into His secret place, closer to Himself.

Bring your sadness, worries, troubles and weights with you to the altar. Offer them also in sacrifice. Do not return with them.

Fill heaven with your prayers. Do not deny the Father of His Offering. Pray always. Cause His rain to fall on you always.

Prayers are the incense of the age. Bring them from the store, set the flame on them. Be a blessing to the Father.


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