Lucifer, Lucifer, You Are Nothing like the Morning Star

A few nights ago I remembered a song I grew up hearing and singing. Here are the beginning lines:

Sweet Jesus, sweet Jesus, how wonderful You are,
You are brighter than the morning star,

There is another song, with very similar and more accurate lyrics, I dare say:

Sweet Jesus, Sweet Jesus…
You are the bright and morning star

But it was the first I remembered a few nights ago. And for the first time, I seemed to gain an understanding of the message in these words.

I believe the morning star in this song speaks of Lucifer before his transgression and fall. (Or was Jesus said to be brighter than something/someone else? Pray tell.)

Looking through the Bible we find that ‘morning star’ (or its synonym) was used in reference to two people: one, the then anointed cherub, Lucifer (ISA1412), then Jesus, the Son of God (REV2216). And in this, the song, though well-meaning, appears a bit faulty: Jesus was never brighter than the morning star because Lucifer was never the morning star. He was only called morning star (without the definite article, else the Bible would be misleading on who exactly the morning star was).

That I am called “son of God” doesn’t qualify me as the son of God. Christ is the Son of God, He is the bright and morning Star. He was and is and will ever be. And to this fact Lucifer, though being so close to God’s presence, was blind. Being enslaved by greed, he sought a place higher than that he was given, and as a result lost his place amongst the stars of God.

Lucifer was so close to the seat of all of creation’s source of Light but was yet so blinded by greed to know to be content with his estate as an exalted light than seek to become the most exalted light.

Twice Lucifer was lost on his place: the second time at Calvary. He presumed that if only he would put Christ to death, he would win against Christ. Again, he was blind. He did not know that long before time began, long before he was created an angel, the Lamb had been slain. Crucifying him would only help God’s plan of redemption for Man, whom He dearly loves.

Satan, you lost, you lose, you ever will lose. But I do not expect you to learn from this.

Dear friend, you are not more important than God is. Never exalt your principles, above His. You will fail where most it matters. And if you already exalt yourself above Him, in spirit, soul, heart or deeds, I’d plead that you do repent, for He loves you enough to give you a chance at redemption. Lucifer never qualified for this grace for which you qualify.

And if like me, you always sang without understanding:

Sweet Jesus, sweet Jesus…
You are brighter than the morning star,

Now sing with understanding. Yes, the words may not appear perfect (except morning star was not used in reference to Lucifer), but whoever wrote the song was definitely divinely inspired.


Itunu Taiwo gave me a book – Chronicles of the Host, Exile of Lucifer by D. Brian Shafer – which inspired this post in part. I am grateful to her for the gesture. You may want to stop by her lovely blog. Treasures you will find. She even recently published two beautiful books, which you would enjoy reading.

I’d love to read your thoughts in the comment section.


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