David And Goliath 1

What if Goliath struck down David?

You must have heard, read about the story of David and Goliath. It is a popular one.

You need not be an ardent reader of the Holy Writ to know of the little, ruddy shepherd boy who in a face-off with Goliath – now synonymous with gigantic – took him out with a sling and a stone. Even sundry secular motivationals have been based on this true story.

David’s outstanding defeat of Goliath was recorded in the annals of the Holy Writ to bring to our understanding the enormous power that lies in the belief of what is, rather than what is seen.

“Seeing is believing,” we say. But in Faith (and reality), believing begets seeing. And such belief can only be authored in the event one comes to experience the reality beyond somatic sights, sounds, and feelings.

Like all divinely inspired text, the story of David and Goliath was intended as more of a story for the heart than the mind. Unfortunately, most folks who know little of it have fallen into the subtle trap of holding the morals of it in their minds rather than hide them in the secret place of their hearts.

Often, we encounter Goliath challenges, fidget over them or fall under their crushing weights: not because we forget the David and Goliath story, or never believed them – at least in our minds we do believe them – but because it never got authored in our hearts, and as a result never got expressed in our reactions to these seemingly mammoth tests and trials.

We have a mind belief of the DAVID and Goliath story in which David with the help of HIS God wins the day but a heart belief of the GOLIATH and David story in which Goliath is powerful and quick enough to put darling David to the ground.

To this effect, I’ll be making an attempt, over the next few days, at reconstructing the biblical rendition of the David and Goliath story in such way as to reflect how a lot of us see it, or how it’s registered in our hearts, with the hope that in seeing what we often make of the limitless Giver of Life and Strength with our little or entire lack of faith in Him – and ourselves – we begin to see the immense power that resides in us, work with it and as a result find a way to allow Him work in and through us, and bring other immense stories to life.

As I will be putting the story up in parts, read, beloved, with your spirit’s eye and heart, for every single alteration to the original story is significant.

I should add that if you end up missing any part of this story – no part should be but if you do miss any part – do ensure it’s not the end because, in the end, God wins.

Do remember that “every good and perfect gift comes from above, from the Father of lights” (JAMES117) – even the power to defeat our individual goliaths?

PS: Not all Goliaths can be put to the ground just by our innate abilities.

If you are reading this on 5th June 2017, then by sunrise tomorrow, you’ll find the first part to this story. I hope you’ll be most blessed by it.



2 thoughts on “David And Goliath 1

  1. This is a lovely preamble. I just want to get on with the story already.


    How I love a well written piece, and this tight here- word to structure- is spectacularly placed.

    Welldone Michael. Welldone.


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