David And Goliath 5


Something’s wrong. Jesse feels the urgency, the need to pray.

Pray for David, he hears the Voice say. In no time he is on his knees; the name David comes up in masses as Jesse mumbles words in prayers.


Forty days, David. Forty days.

You to the Voice could have listened, believed and waited. And to this field, I would have brought you on the fortieth. Is there not a cause to these things?

David hears again the voice he’s heard all morning. And he has never been gladder to hear it. He is still alive it seems. His eyes remain closed as He hears the noise of a mixture of despair and delight in the valley, and the deep guttural laughter of the giant. All that is of little significance in comparison to the sound of the Voice – it is all that matters.

David, did you know?

Forty days and nights I brought rain upon the earth when Noah was yet alive. He alone, his sons, their wives and the animals were left alive. And you are his offspring.

Forty, David, forty years I nourished your fathers with the victuals of heaven till they came in to inhabit this land where you now reside – just like you’d said to Saul your king.

Forty days and nights My servant Moses stood with Me in my mount, beholding My glory, taking in neither food nor water till the forty days were ended, after which he returned to IsraEl with the words of my covenant.

Forty years I caused your fathers to roam and die in the wilderness because they doubted My power to deliver them despite all the deliverances I’d wrought before them. Therefore entered they not into my rest. Those forty years others among them I preserved and brought into the land promised your fathers. Forty years they walked through the wilderness in clothes and shoes that never faded or wore out.

You received an anointing to rule; forty years you will rule over IsraEl. Be patient and wait, for in due time it shall speak. Do not usurp another in his throne.

Forty days Elijah would travel to my mountain without meat or drink (save that with which my angel will feed him before the journey)

Forty days Yeshua, your Seed would walk through the wilderness without food or drink and conquer the enemy who long troubles the world.

David had only a clear understanding of a few of the things he’d heard but the message was clear: He was to be IsraEl’s hope against the Philistines, but he’d arrived too soon.


Rise, it’s time to bring down the giant. Ariel, my angel, the lion of God is with you in this battle, he has held back thus far by my word and for your good. No harm will come to you henceforth. Rise, defeat Goliath and let the world and generations to come know that there resides a living God in IsraEl.

David comes fully awake and aware of his surroundings.

He rises slowly to find himself facing the sons of IsraEl. Looking up to the hill before him, he finds Saul, his king standing, watching earnestly as for a miracle through him.

He turns around to face the approaching giant, who has a smirk spread across his face but looks no more than a grasshopper – now that David’s heard the Voice. He approaches from the spot from which he had pitched his spear towards David, who was then his prey.

David again looks past the giant to the hill of Ephes Dammim and sees Haphshak, captain of the Philistine army who’d stepped out of his tent to observe what ensued between David and his pawn.

I will lift up my eyes to the hills. Does my help come from the hills? No. My help comes from God Who made heaven and earth and the hills.

Standing, David feels new strength course through his being. His left shoulder still bloodied and hurting from the blow of the spear inhibits him less. He takes his eyes of Haphshak and back to the giant as he begins walking towards him. His left hand drops into his shepherd’s bag which – expectedly to David – still contains the stones selected from the brook. David picks a smooth stone from it, places it in his sling as He charges towards Goliath.

David and Goliath 556-01

As he runs faster towards the giant, an aura breaks through and from the little shepherd boy for all in Ephes Dammim to see, causing everyone to put behind that he was the young man who’d just fallen under the impact of the giant’s spear. He appears to be borne by a thousand winds as he charges towards the giant.

“Whose son is that?” Saul asks Abner, captain of his host, as he watches David run towards the giant, right hand swirling in circles, lending the stone some momentum.

“As your soul lives, O king, I cannot tell,” comes Abner’s response.

As Goliath watches David swirl his right hand for the last time before the release of the stone from its sling, a look registers on his face which speaks of the approach of death. For in these last moments of his life, he realizes that the battle belonged to no one but the God of IsraEl – the glistening winged being towering behind and over the ruddy but brave youth bears him witness.

Saul has in times past slain his thousands; David will in the future, beginning today, slay his ten thousand.

Now will IsraEl say, “if it had not been the Lord who was on our side, then the proud waters had gone over our soul.”

To be contd… 


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