My Salvation Story 2

I’ve had the privilege of having sundry solitary spiritual encounters in the few years I’ve spent following Jesus, since the first time I met Him while on the bed on which I had been written off as near dead. I count these encounters a great privilege, for I find many who follow this same Jesus but seem not to have similar experiences; and I am most encouraged to find them following still in faith.

Just like everything with a good end, this journey has come with its fair share of challenges, which I have often braved with the strength He provides, often through these many encounters and experiences.

I remember once when just believing seemed to prove insufficient for the journey, I needed something real to again refill my faith. So I asked, Please Jesus, show me where I am in this journey so at least I can tell how well I am faring and proceed accordingly. And as He often did, He responded, in an irrefutable manner. I had a dream.

I was alone in the middle of a narrow road. When I came into this encounter, I was far from the beginning of this long road and walking towards a destination which I could see far away on the horizon. This road terminated at the same mansion I had seen in my first encounter with the Jesus while recovering from what seemed a terminal illness which brought about my salvation. I easily recognized this mansion from this distance and kept walking towards it.

I must say though, that I was left with very little choice than to keep moving forward, towards the mansion.

By the sides of this narrow road were wolves which seemed quite ready to pounce on me if for any reason I stepped off the road. They followed by the side as I walked towards my destination.

Also, behind me was a lion following a short distance away. These things were set up in such a way that turning aside from walking on the path set for me meant injury or death; same as turning back.

No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

I woke from this encounter with a clear understanding of its source. God had responded to my request in showing me where I was in my journey towards Him: I was making progress and wasn’t to cease; and seeing that mansion far ahead reminded me of the initial commitment I had made to Jesus: to ensure that at the time I am raptured or I transit to the air, the building will not still be found empty.

There were more encounters

I had earlier said, that I spoke and still speak with God as I a man speaks to his friend, and he responds in kind.

This time I heard Him clearly (just as you would hear someone speak with you – only just a bit different): Kehinde, I am not pleased with the way you are living. You are not living like I want you to, you are not following the path I set for you.

MichaEl: I can’t exactly remember or claim to know what Lawal (Kehinde) did to have Father tell Him this, but I do remember his response as he had told me: God, please show me the path on which I am to walk, and show me how.

Just as God’s word says, “Ask and it will be given to you,” He responded.

I had another revelation:

Again, I was alone, when I heard the familiar voice, This is the way I want you to walk in. It is the only way, there is none other.

I turned to consider the way which He spoke of to find one of the most despairing sights I could find. If I had ended the revelation at this point, I’d have awakened to see God as being less of a loving God.

As I looked, I saw a narrow path in which were set pieces of broken bottles, just like are set in concrete fences to discourage robbers from jumping over fences and into targeted compounds. These were spread over a distance and I was meant to walk barefoot on them.

Also, somewhere in the distance, I could see barbed wires through which I’d also have to pass.

These were the sights I was made to see when He said this is the path I have designed for you, walk in it.

As the case was, I had come to trust God enough to just listen and follow even when it seemed irrational. I took His word for it and set out on the path. Then I came to a most bizarre discovery.

While I walked on this path, much to my surprise and joy, none of the sharp-edged broken pieces cut through my bare feet. This was enough to lend me a lasting lesson in my journey through life: the path with and to God would sometimes come off as difficult; this is no reason to turn another way. When I face challenges because of my faith, I must bear them head-on and not attempt to find a false way past them. This is my journey, and if only I yield and follow on, I will not be hurt.

When you pass through the waters,
I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
you will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze.


MichaEl: As you most probably have found, this is the continuation of the nonfictional story of Lawal’s salvation in the first part of My Salvation Story. There are more testimonies which he shared: visions of the rapture, beautiful conversations and those we didn’t have much time to speak broadly on. And I have herein taken the time to set this forth with the hope they’ll help you believe in the person of Jesus, not as the God/prophet of the Christians which would be far from accurate, but as the crucified and resurrected Redeemer of all men.

As the days go by, I trust to share more salvation stories.

Please feel free to share and leave us a comment below.

God bless you.

And should you need the illustration…

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