Ina Sokale (Fire Fall)

(You can download the free wallpaper below, but please spare a few minutes to read the brief story of how this started.)


On the 29th of May, I had the privilege of meeting with Godswill Oyor, a most wonderful minstrel. I had in the past been blessed by psalmed ministrations by himself and his twin. Now, this was my first time meeting one of them in person, and what drew me to Godswill? Songs.

Godswill had this music player from which came wave after wave of new, yet familiar sounds. I mean I had never heard these sounds, but they felt like sounds I’d long searched for.

We talked only for a few minutes in which I made attempts to tell him of how much I loved the spontaneity in the songs, and how familiar they felt. I also took a few minutes in between to tell him of my art and how they are often inspired by Scripture – not that I’d known they’d soon be inspired by (his) songs too.

One thing led to another, I made a request, Godswill granted, and I returned home with a bank of songs by his blessed self and twin – most of which were spontaneous and most refreshingly so.

For three weeks – if not more – I couldn’t listen to songs by anyone else but them – anyone close to me at this time would have noticed. I still haven’t gotten over them.

I found a stream in those three weeks which have birthed another stream in me – the illustration of songs.

Below is the first of hopefully many.

Feel free to save and use as wallpapers for your smartphones and other gadgets. And of course, you can share with your friends and family and maybe refer them to the blog for more which will be coming soon. The lyrics of Ina Sokale (A call for fire) are also typed out below with Godswill’s permission.

Simply right-click and save as image.


alt="ina sokale-God's glory descending-glory rain-fire fall-redeeminglights">



I will press, press until the rain falls
Press until the power falls
Press (4x)
I will press,
Press until the rain falls,
Press until the fire falls
Press (4x)

Ina sokale, sokale
Ogo sokale, sokale
Ina (3x)
Ina sokale, sokale
Ina, Ina,
Ina sokale, sokale
Ogo, Sokale, sokale
Sokale (3x)

Press, press until the river flows
Until the rain will fall,
Until the power falls,
I will press
Until the fire falls,
Until my life is changed
Until I’m sorted up

Ina sokale, sokale
Ogo sokale, sokale,
Let your glory fill my life
Ina sokale, sokale
Fire fall glory fall
Ina sokale, sokale


Press, press until the rain falls
Press until the fire falls
Cry, cry out to the Lord
Send your rain
Send your power
Send your rain
Latter rain, former rain
Send your rain,
Send the floods,
Open the flood gates
Open the flood gates
Send your rain
Fire fall
Send your rain


Ina sokale, sokale




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