Make Me Just Like You

Wooed within, my crowns hashtagged  #slay,

Who is He? A Lamb, ashed, tagged  #slain

What are ‘likes’?  Now that Love calls my name,

What am I? Now that Grace takes the blame


Take my thousand trophies, away from the deserts of lure,

Into the Inner Holies, there are your delights of Awe

So let the Let Love burn me, like a fire wild

And leave my heart turning, I will never mind


Roar in me, Love-Lamb-Lion,

Make of me a perfect Copy-Cat

That you may say ‘Like Father Like Son’

In all I think, or say, or act


Make me just like you,

I quit this black-and-blue

Let Light pierce the hue

Till all there is is You.




Save and use as wallpaper for your mobile devices, and constantly remind yourself of the need to be more like Him.

alt="poetry on christlikeness-redeeminglights">

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