Spirit of Many Colours

I know a few who shine bright with a halo that looks like a rainbow of emerald. Today, I’ll tell you about one.

“You like bright colors” Rachel said, after she’d seen my illustration of Make me just like You.

“Only because God radiates bright colors,” I replied, and quickly added “and dark colors…many colors. So I like many colors. Not just bright; and not only dark like I once did.”

“Well, prove it (to me that God radiates many colours),” Rachel responded.

For Rachel, a verse from the Bible was enough to prove that God did radiate colours. So I referred her to a verse:

The one sitting on the throne was as brilliant as gemstones – like jasper and carnelian. And the glow of an emerald circled his throne like a rainbow.

REV 4.3

Rachel returned smiling after reading this.

But you see, this was not the highlight of the brief conversation we had; in trying to show Rachel that God really did radiate colours, I happened on a more practical and relatable expression of the spirit of many colours: I happened on Joseph and his coat of many colors.

I have had quite a number of encounters with Joseph in recent years. I’ve sat and fed so much on his story, that when you asked for the Bible character who resonated most with me, I’d say Joseph.

But you see, despite being able to tell of the striking similarities between Joseph’s life and Jesus’, and his life and mine, I’d missed out on a most important detail: the symbolism in his coat of many colours – and now I fear I may be missing out on so many other details too.

IsraEl loved Joseph, his son, with a love far greater than that with which he loved his other 12 children. This wasn’t bias. According to Heaven’s design, IsraEl simply couldn’t help loving Joseph as much as he did. He was the son of his old age, he was the first son of his most beloved wife, and greater still he an o so unique relationship with the Most High and as a result reflected His many radiant and attractive colors.

Joseph bore a measure of the halo of the divine, a halo of divine colors which looked like a rainbow of emerald. You should know, that this is not unconnected to the rainbow that was placed in the earth when God made a covenant with man never ever to destroy the world by a flood. Selah

Everyone saw this halo radiating from within Joseph. And this sight would often trigger a most positive or negative disposition from them towards Joseph.

Joseph himself was first to spot this covenant halo when he began having his dreams, in one of which he saw the sun, moon and eleven stars bow to him in honor. This constituted a major part of the resilience with which he endured as much sufferings as he did.

IsraEl saw these colors too, and this sight propelled him to make Joseph a coat of many colors – a physical representation of what lay within, unseen to the human eye.

Joseph’s brothers also saw this halo, and it produced in them a great degree of hatred and jealousy; as a result of which they sold him off to strangers, as a slave.

Potiphar saw this, and placed Joseph in charge of the stewardship of his house.

Potiphar’s wife saw this beauty of Joseph’s and all she could think of was to get him to lie with in her bed.

Don’t you wonder why Potiphar placed Joseph in the prison where the king’s prisoners were kept? And not in any other?

The keeper of the prison where Joseph was unjustly locked up saw this halo and set him as steward over the prisoners.

The imprisoned servants of Pharaoh saw this and it caused them to freely share their night visions with him. The interpretation of these dreams brought Joseph before Pharaoh who saw this selfsame radiance of Light in lowly Joseph and set him as ruler in Egypt.

These, my friend, were the varied reactions of people to the inner beauty of Joseph bore. His distinct covenant relationship with Elohim had caused a measure of heaven’s colors to be infused into his being. His physical coat of many colors – a gift from his father – was only an outward reflection of what lay within.

Joseph foreshadowed Jesus.

Jesus not only possessed a greater measure of the beauty which was found in Joseph, He was and is and will ever be the source of that halo. He is the First of Lights. His is the perfect, complete set of infinite colors which forms a rainbow round everyone covenanted with Him.

This radiance stems not from intelligence, eloquence, physical attractiveness, fame, fortune; this radiance stems from the lively spirit of one covenanted to the Father of Lights.

Love for God and humans alike; Joy in the midst of abundance, want, pain, and fierce circumstances; Peace with God and men, flowing unceasingly like a river; Patience (and Tolerance); Gentleness; Goodness; Meekness; Faith; Self-control: these and more are outward expressions of the Spirit of colors. If you are a possessor of this Spirit, you would be easily loved, trusted, favored by some, and easily hated, and despised by others; and often without a clear explantion – just like Joseph and Jesus.

I only hope you keep letting this light shine through.

Have you found yourself exhibit attributes of one bearing a spirit of many colors, do leave us a comment – tell us your story.

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Shine bright through the new week. Cheers.

Photo by Matthew Payne on Unsplash


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