Boxing Day Could Be Everyday

It’s Boxing Day! So let’s box? Err… Not exactly. What if the moment you were born, God sent you a box of gifts, like ‘Santa does at Christmas’? What if an angel, your angel, brought this box with your name inscribed on it and gave it to you – the REAL you housed in the […]

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The Triune Heart

A special message to sons – male and female. Son, give me your heart. The heart: kick-starter, governor general of the human body; passing blood and taking it back from every part; once ceased renders the body deceased. The heart: the seat of emotions, the core of the soul; spreading love when needed, receiving it […]

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Falling Backwards Into Hell

We live in  a world of forms: forms which our souls see in contrasting pairs. A thing either is beautiful, music, clean, strait, acceptable, light-abiding, heaven-headed etc, or it is ugly, noise, dirty, broad, unacceptable, darkness-conforming, hell-bound; respectively. I count the last on both afore declared list most significant at this point, as they tend […]

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Look, For A Moment, At Jesus

Turn your Eyes on Jesus. Look on his face. No, not the post resurrection face as yet; you may not see the love in that except you have seen him prior to his death and resurrection: he died and rose for you. I bet you see anguish, torture written all over it. He’s got a crown on his head. […]

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