My name is MichaEl. ‘MichaEl’ is Hebrew, and in English in translates to ‘someone who is like God’. This summarizes all I hope to be, a reflection of God, a moon to His Sun.

When the Father looks at me, He sees someone who is just like Him for in me He sees His Son and in His Son He sees me. I also hope that everyone I meet sees the MichaEl in me which transcends the name, just like the Father does.

I began discovering the magic in books when His Voice became so discernible in my head and heart that I knew I needed a way to present them to the few He has chosen to listen – you just may have found yourself among the number if you’re reading this. Shutting this Voice out has never been an option for me – definitely not after I’d asked and listened for it.

I only somewhat make up (compensate, redeem) for my clumsy use of words by seizing the moments of subtle but invaluable inspiration. I find them in people, gestures, words, sights, all which somewhat reflect Light and point back to the True Source of our being, the One who made all things, for and by Whom they were made: the Sun in our Earth. I regard them as moments of inspired invincibility, when there is a movement in the tops of the mulberry trees – blame my Holy Bible for this. And in these moments I see Christ, always.

Seizing these moments sets me off on the path of writing out words on ready hearts.

I’ve loved being invisible, watching things happen from a distance, playing my part only when I could no longer help it. It’s different when in company of familiar faces. And now, every face rather seems vaguely familiar.

I am Christocentric. I choose to want to see everything through His eyes by His Light. I only want to be seen as someone who loves Christ and loves to help people see the Life, Light, Love, Joy, Beauty, Infinite Wonder and Magic that only exist in Him, and are evident around us.

In addition to writing, I draw, illustrate and am passionate about communicative design. Someday soon, you’ll have a copy of my coming comic book in your hands.


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