My Salvation Story 2

I’ve had the privilege of having sundry solitary spiritual encounters in the few years I’ve spent following Jesus, since the first time I met Him while on the bed on which I had been written off as near dead. I count these encounters a great privilege, for I find many who follow this same Jesus […]

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David And Goliath 5

*** Something’s wrong. Jesse feels the urgency, the need to pray. Pray for David, he hears the Voice say. In no time he is on his knees; the name David comes up in masses as Jesse mumbles words in prayers. *** Forty days, David. Forty days. You to the Voice could have listened, believed and waited. And […]

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My Salvation Story

Hello, my name is Lawal and I have a story to tell you. People who know me a bit more intimately know me as Kehinde, not Lawal — I have a twin, my brother Taye. Twins are often said to have a special bond which surpasses the regular communal bond between siblings. This was no […]

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David And Goliath 4

“Fear cuts deeper than swords.” ― George R.R. Martin “Am I a dog that you should come against me with a stick?” Goliath accosts the Israelite youth who’s come out against him. “BaAl-rAGoN accept your cursed flesh from me as a willing sacrifice! Come, and I’ll feed you to the flying beasts of the air which […]

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David And Goliath 3

Day 39 Comes the hour, comes the man… It’s the 39th day of the gathering of Philistine’s and Israel’s army at Elah when Israel’s hero arrives, but it’s not according to the divine plan. *** “Any of you both know of the whereabouts of my son David?” Jesse asks his two sons who busied themselves playing Mancala. […]

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