Cry, Baby Cry.

67 days ago, I became an uncle. On Thursday, 20th day of October, my one sister was delivered of our parents’ first grandchild. The child’s Father comes from an ethnic group in Nigeria with a very expressive language. As a result, seven days after his birth, my nephew was given many names – many lengthy […]

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Childhood Chronicles

All of us are products of our childhood. -Michael Jackson Our experiences as children shape us into what we become; maybe not singularly, but to a great degree. This explains why I sometimes wish childhood was a little different for me; that I had experienced a bit more fun and pain: read more books, played […]

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The Miracle In A Connection 2

This is the second part to the Miracle in a Connection. I hope it blesses you. The photographers were hard at work as he stood holding her to his side, looking straight in front of him with that smile. Her gaze fixed on his face occasionally distracted by the flashing lights from the working cameras. […]

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