Prayers Like Incense

Do you struggle in prayers? Take a trip to an orthodox church, or a place, where incense is offered. Savor every moment of your experience. Watch the priest, behold his priestly regalia, his spotless gown, the golden cape, and cap; his garment of worship, covering as much flesh, as he possible can. No priest incenses in […]

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Cry, Baby Cry.

67 days ago, I became an uncle. On Thursday, 20th day of October, my one sister was delivered of our parents’ first grandchild. The child’s Father comes from an ethnic group in Nigeria with a very expressive language. As a result, seven days after his birth, my nephew was given many names – many lengthy […]

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Miracles like Rainbows

It was a Saturday, I had just recovered from an illness, was about to embark on an interstate journey, had just left the vehicle park with the intention of withdrawing some money from a cash machine to fund the journey, and now stood before the machine – the only one in sight – which displayed “out […]

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Come To The Edge

How often do you read a book, view a picture, a drawing, a painting; partake in an event having no focus on matters of faith and the Kingdom and yet find yourself so inspired by it in such a way that only Faith can? I could listen to a little girl speak about a lion […]

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Travelling Through Time

Whether Paul, or Apollos or Cephas, or the world, or life, or death, or things present, or things to come, all are yours; and ye are Christ’s; and Christ’s is God’s. – Letter to the Corinthians. Aniekin’s a girl, a teenage girl: she’s fifteen and in high school. Her father travels a lot because of […]

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