Offer Comfort While You May

Some days I’m in the city. Other days I’m in the outskirts of the city. This day, I was in the outskirts of the city preparing to head into the city. The sun, under which I had walked for a few minutes to the vehicle park, was unusually intense. But I was fine under it. […]

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The Unknown God

I recently had a conversation with a man more than twice my age. He told me a story of how he met his wife. For convenience I’ll call him Atti, while she’ll be Ada. As a young adult, approaching and befriending a woman was not Atti’s forte: at best, he served as an acquaintance – […]

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IKANG 1: Redemption

N’Idumea.   We were born, everyone. Each of us was born with some bright light shining in and through us. But we all suffered a fate similar to those who had gone before. In living, we lost our light, misted by each leechlike star which attached itself to every right arm that came into the world. I […]

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I Moved In With Joshua.

Joshua and I had been best friends for more than two years. Over this length of time, he would often come stay over at my place for some weeks, then leave for his, only to return after a few days. To say that I enjoyed his company would be an understatement. This explains why, at […]

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