Cry, Baby Cry.

67 days ago, I became an uncle. On Thursday, 20th day of October, my one sister was delivered of our parents’ first grandchild. The child’s Father comes from an ethnic group in Nigeria with a very expressive language. As a result, seven days after his birth, my nephew was given many names – many lengthy […]

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On birthdays, candles are put out; I choose to light them on mine. Rain Rain falls Rain falls outside… These were among my favorite lines from the 365.25 days before today, my birthday. I wish I could kick start all I have to say tonight with these lines but no: rain and candles never work […]

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Boxing Day Could Be Everyday

It’s Boxing Day! So let’s box? Err… Not exactly. What if the moment you were born, God sent you a box of gifts, like ‘Santa does at Christmas’? What if an angel, your angel, brought this box with your name inscribed on it and gave it to you – the REAL you housed in the […]

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The Triune Heart

A special message to sons – male and female. Son, give me your heart. The heart: kick-starter, governor general of the human body; passing blood and taking it back from every part; once ceased renders the body deceased. The heart: the seat of emotions, the core of the soul; spreading love when needed, receiving it […]

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