Cry, Baby Cry.

67 days ago, I became an uncle. On Thursday, 20th day of October, my one sister was delivered of our parents’ first grandchild. The child’s Father comes from an ethnic group in Nigeria with a very expressive language. As a result, seven days after his birth, my nephew was given many names – many lengthy […]

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Offer Comfort While You May

Some days I’m in the city. Other days I’m in the outskirts of the city. This day, I was in the outskirts of the city preparing to head into the city. The sun, under which I had walked for a few minutes to the vehicle park, was unusually intense. But I was fine under it. […]

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Angels On Assignment

For the children who dwell in His secret place… Child, I will command my angels concerning you to keep you in all your ways; to hold you up in their hands so you don’t hurt your foot on a stone.  -PSA9111 OthniEl I am… The answer to your prayers unspoken, Miracles in plain sight Bright […]

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Death, Again You Lose

Death… Physical death, has been striking in succession lately. If never obvious to me, now it is. One dies watching Nigeria defeat Ethiopia in a football game last Sunday. Another’s friend’s been buried not long ago. “I’ve just been told I lost a cousin. He was little; just 13 or thereabouts. He drowned,” she sadly […]

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